måndag, augusti 31, 2015

Forthcoming: Explorations in Post-secular Metaphysics

"Questions regarding metaphysics and religion are undoubtedly back on the political-philosophical agenda. To anyone finding the contributions by Charles Taylor, John Milbank and William Connolly vital but convoluted, Josef Bengtson's Explorations in Post-secular Metaphysics is the answer. In clear and concise prose, and with critical drive, Bengtson assesses the alternatives and suggests a way forward in one of the most lively discussions of our age." - Ola Sigurdson, Professor of Systematic Theology and director of the Centre for Culture and Health, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

'This is a superbly intelligent and crystal-clear critical guide to post-secular thought, which understands its crucial connection to the twenty-first century return to metaphysics, whether naturalistic or religious. Thoroughly recommended to all students and anyone interested in contemporary philosophy and culture.'- John Milbank, Professor of Religion, Politics and Ethics, University of Nottingham, UK

"Amid our post-secular age, we are witnessing not just a 'return of religion', which never went away, but also the resurgence of metaphysics – reflections on the nature of reality. In this superb work, Josef Bengtson shows that all conceptions of post-secularity rest on metaphysical assumptions. Thus politics cannot be equated with second-order issues of left-right or state-market but has to involve first-order questions about the order of things – including shared substantive ends such as individual fulfilment, mutual flourishing and the common good. This is a brilliant book that needs to be read by all those interested in the concepts that can map our present." - Adrian Pabst, Senior Lecturer in Politics, University of Kent, UK, and author of Metaphysics: the creation of hierarchy (2012)