onsdag, juli 23, 2008

Sense and sensibility - Descartes vs. Augustine

Missa for allt i varlden inte James K.A. Smiths gastspel pa Azuza remixed dar han drar paralleller mellan en postmodern kritik av moderniteten och en klassisk kristen syn pa kroppen:

... the postmodern critique of Enlightenment dualism echoes what, in the Christian tradition, we might describe as creational or incarnational affirmation of embodiment and materiality. Rather than the thin, reductionistic picture of the human person bequeathed to us by modernity, postmodernity appreciates the "thickness" of being human—that essential to being-human is being-in-the-world, inhabiting a material environment as a body (not just in a body).
Because the goodness of embodiment is consistently affirmed and re-affirmed in the narrative arc of Scripture, we ought to also take seriously the features of being embodied (race, gender, geography, history), as well as those ways of being-in-the-world that are unique to embodied creatures: the world of the arts, for instance, which requires ears to hear, eyes to see, hands to touch, bodies to dance.

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