onsdag, augusti 13, 2008

Är det gudomligt att fela?

Att fela är mänskligt, att förlåta gudomligt, säger ordspråket. I ett ärligt och hoppingivande inlägg från Poser or Prophet, ställs dock frågan om det inte i någon mening kan vara gudomligt att misslyckas.

With a great deal of hesitation, could we not also argue that the history of God's engagement with creation, is also an history of failure?

Let's sketch out some of the broader points:
(1) God creates a good and pleasing world and places the man and the woman in a good place... but this fails to work as intended, the man and the woman are expelled from the garden, and death enters the world;
(2) therefore, God becomes tired of watching death develop into murder and rapacious living and so he tries to start anew -- flooding the world, so that only one righteous man, and his family, survive... but this fails as this man, Noah, goes astray, and once again things begin to fall apart;
(3) thus, noting that 'final solutions' don't end up being so final, God decides to choose another two people -- Abraham and Sarah -- to parent a nation that is called to be a blessing to all the other nations of the world... but this also fails as this nation, Israel, goes astray and, rather then serving others, seeks to become like the others in power and domination;
(4) therefore, running out of options, God chooses to become flesh and become a member of this nation, so that their destiny can be fulfilled, and so that a new people, possessed by God's own Spirit, can go forth and be agents of new creation in the world... but this Spirit-empowered people also ends up losing its way. And we find ourselves where we are today.

What is the history of God's engagement with the world? Try again. Fail again. Fail better. So, given that humanity is created in the image of God, perhaps this means that it is in our failing that we are most like God. What is our calling as Christians? Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Huruvida det är gudomligt att misslyckas misstänker jag har en hel del att göra med vad det är vi strävar efter. Om det är Imitatio Dei som är vårt mål, så borde väl kanske inte misslyckandet överraska. Men att inte ge upp, utan fortsätta sträva, är utan tvekan gudomligt.

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