torsdag, oktober 16, 2008

Om tron på "marknaden"

Saknar du en teologisk kritik av den senaste tidens händelser i världsekonomin? Missa i så fall inte inlägget Welcome to the faith-based economy , på den alltid lika intressanta Immanent Frame:
"We must believe in capitalism, in the ways that the early Protestants were asked to believe in predestination. Not all are saved, but we must all act as if we might be saved, and by acting as if we might be among the saved, we enact our faith in capitalism, even if we might be among the doomed or damned. [...] In other words, capitalism now needs our faith more than our faith needs capitalism."

"The cardinal mystery of the market, of course, verily its Spirit, is the Invisible Hand. For the Invisible Hand to move again, it needs a Helping Hand from us, the wretched of Main Street. And in lending this helping hand, in the biggest bailout in human history, we are asked to show our Faith in the Economy. For once, and perhaps for the last time, capitalism needs our Faith as much as we need its mysteries. The global economy will never be secular again."

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