onsdag, februari 23, 2011

Bra bloggat ...

Peter Berger skriver om religion inom militärmakten:
"I attended a conference at the Academy on issues connected with the new West German army which was about to be organized. One issue was the form to be taken by the military chaplaincy. Opinion in the churches was still strongly influenced by the memory of the Third Reich and, consequently, by the conviction that the ministry must never engage in uncritical legitimation of the state." ... "How does an American army chaplain differ from a politruk?” The term referred to Communist party officials attached to units of the Soviet army with the purpose of political indoctrination. The American did not understand the term. When it was explained to him, he was not offended. He was genuinely puzzled. He did not understand why such a question would be asked. Ten years later, during the Vietnam War, he would have understood."

En nyfunnen bloggfavorit är Billy Daniel som bloggar hos The Other Journal. Missa inte hans lysande texter Om kapitalismens dygder, samt om anglikanska kyrkans beslut att språkligt revidera sin dopritual:
"The church is being baptized into global-market-society; and when the words become comprehensible apart from the liturgical action of God in Christ, in which the sacraments participate, the church ceases to be the church. Of course the average Briton doesn’t understand “slavery in Egypt” or being “buried with Christ.” And thank God we can say that they don’t! Thank God we can say that the average American doesn’t understand or the average human doesn’t understand. If they did, then we would know by the daily havoc wreaked on the world that Baptism is meaningless. Making it easy to understand is what got us into the mess the church is in today."
Missa för allt i världen inte Who´s Babtizing whom?

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