torsdag, september 01, 2011

Blandad påse

"Postmodernity is modernity throwing up its hands in despair in the recognition that reason cannot stand firm without a heavenly anchor."
Min gamla lärare Hans Boersma lägger ut texten kring nominalismens förbannelse och ressourcement-rörelsens välsignelser.
"If people don’t think there is some kind of objective good that they can recognise, that they are trying to discern, then the quest for authenticity is likely to manifest itself as a quest for power and pure promotion of self for the sheer sake of self – you know, the world of iconic pop and rock stars making videos and non-music and the way this is then discussed with comically-absurd solemnity in The Guardian as if this were really culturally important."
John Milbank har en del övrigt att önska av kultur- och nöjesjournalister och Zygmunt Bauman.

Via @benjekman hittade jag intressanta föreläsningar av alltid eminente Rowan Williams.

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