torsdag, maj 10, 2012

Desmond om det gränslösas terror

“Imagine there’s no heaven, the song sings, imagine there is no religion, imagine no countries, no boundaries. And then the singing stops, the screaming begins and, mirabile dictu, death is loosed in the boundless whole, and on it. Politics is the necessary art of intermediary boundaries in the porosity. Without this art, and the moderation of an ethical discipline, and the finesse of religion, the porosity can be turned to a formlessness of chaos, where the idiotic sources of human selving release a madness – not a divine but a murderous madness."
William Desmond. “Neither Servility nor Sovereignty: Between Metaphysics and Politics.” Theology and the Political. Ed. Davis, Milbank & Zizek. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2005, p. 180.

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