tisdag, september 11, 2012

Om religion som möjlighet snarare än hot

Today’s political culture is characterized by a growing opposition between political secularism and religious fundamentalism. I take it this is a fruitless opposition that  can be overcome by a more thoroughgoing awareness of what it means to be secular. We can no longer act as if religion is an unequivocal explanation of the crisis of modern democracy. It might as well be the the lack of religion that threatens modern democracies by making democracy a purely formal system, without inherent value and purpose.
The secularist rhetoric that fears the presence of religion in society, is also misleading because we can not simply repeat the arguments from the nineteenth century in which both the state and the Church had a firm seat. Today’s challenge is not primarily to save the state from religion, but even more of saving the state as such. The crisis of democracy is the crisis of weak states and powerless governments. The state is not threatened more by religion, than by market parties, a failing public system and media

HJ Prosman. The Postmodern Condition and the Meaning of Secularity. (Ars Disputandi, 2011), 240

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