måndag, oktober 01, 2007

Gott & Blandat

För den som uppskattar teologen Kevin Vanhoozer finns här en intressant intervju med honom.

Skulle inte detta passa kan jag rekommendera en liten puff för den kanadensike filosofen Charles Taylors senaste bok "A Secular Age".

För den riktigt kräsne kommer till sist ett litet Hauerwas-citat om betydelsen av god liturgi:

“The liturgy is how the church worships God and how from such worship we become a people capable of being an alternative to the world. That is why the language of the liturgy is so important. Nothing betrays the love of God more than the inelegance of the language Christians use in their worship. Some Christians seem to think we can attract people back to Christianity if we try to compete with TV, but when you do that you have already lost. The only result is that Christian worship becomes as banal and ugly as the rest of our lives.”

Håll till godo!

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