måndag, december 01, 2008

Chesterton vs. Socialstyrelsen: 1-0

"An imbecile habit has arisen in modern controversy of saying that such and such creed can only be held in one age but cannot be held in another. Some dogma, we are told, was credible in the twelfth century, but is not credible in the twentieth. You might as well say that a certain philosophy ca be believed on Mondays, but cannot be believed on Tuesdays. You might as well say of a view of the cosmos that it was suitable to half-past three, but not suitable to half-past four.

What a man can believe depends upon his philosophy, not upon the clock or the century."

- ur Orthodoxy av G. K Chesterton
Jag kom att tänka på ovanstående passage när jag läste en debattartikel av en jurist på Socialstyrelsen, som menar att katolske biskopen Anders Arborelius syn på aktiv dödshjälp inte är "förenlig med ett modernt samhälle".

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