måndag, september 06, 2010

Om sökandet efter en berättelse

Jonathan Sacks om Francis Fukuyamas vision om den liberala kapitalistiska demokratin som slutet på historien:
"What this overlooked … is that homo sapiens is not only, or even primarily, a maximising animal, choosing rationally between options. We are uniquely a meaning-asking animal. Our most fundamental questions are Who am I? and To which narrative do I belong? The great hope of the liberal imagination, that politics could be superseded with economics, replacing public good with private choice, was bound to fail because economics as such offers no answer to the big questions of “Who?” and “Why?”. Religion does, and that is its power in the contemporary world. The politics of ideology may have died, but it has been replaced not by “the end of history” but by the politics of identity."

Jonathan Sacks, The Dignity of Difference, p. 40-41

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