onsdag, januari 26, 2011

Läst och hört ...

- Arne Rasmusson skriver läsvärt om att gästfrihet, snarare än tolerans, är det kristna förhållningssättet i ett pluralistiskt samhälle: On Good Manners and Hospitality: Protestant Liberalism and a Multireligous Europe
(Tipstack till Cruciform Phronesis!)

- Women in Theology skriver intressant om abort under rubriken Fetuses are not innocent.
" ... whether we intend it or not, calls to defend “the innocent fetus” can quickly morph into calls to defend the fetus because it is innocent. Now talk about bad theology: implying that human beings have a “right” to life that can be forfeited such that they no longer “deserve” it. As if it were possible for a person to “deserve” life in the first place! Come on! This is Grace 101, whether you are protestant or Catholic. If our moral theology is going to be truly Christian, we ought to take a cue from the Christ who apparently was interested in saving life that specifically wasn’t innocent."
- Om någon skulle ha missat den fantastiska intervjun med prästen som protesterade mot flyktingavvisningarna till Irak ges här en andra chans.

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