onsdag, januari 12, 2011

Zizek om Wikileaks

Visst har det varit väl tyst från Zizeks håll på ett tag? Idag hittade jag dock en intressant och underhållande text under rubriken: Good Manners in the Age of Wikileaks. Ett litet skämt ur texten får tjäna som teaser:
"In Baisers volés, Delphine Seyrig explains to her young lover the difference between politeness and tact: ‘Imagine you inadvertently enter a bathroom where a woman is standing naked under the shower. Politeness requires that you quickly close the door and say, “Pardon, Madame!”, whereas tact would be to quickly close the door and say: “Pardon, Monsieur!”’ It is only in the second case, by pretending not to have seen enough even to make out the sex of the person under the shower, that one displays true tact."

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