söndag, juni 12, 2011

Råd till predikanter

Never lie. Never lie.

... and you’ll discover that it´s hard work. And part of what it means not to lie is to preach truthfully, and what it means to preach truthfully is to preach in manner that you expect God to show up because the Word has been proclaimed. As soon as you hear a minster say, “As my six year old was saying ...”, you know it´s going to be bullshit. Because it´s going to be insights on the human condition that anyone could have at the Kiwanis club. What it means to preach truthfully and not to lie is to be willing to say when you don’t know what needs to be said…”But that we do see Jesus. We are not sure we know what needs to be said. If I said more than that I would be lying to you. But we do see Jesus.”

— Stanley Hauerwas on Being a Christian in Today´s World

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Gustaf sa...

Var du på samma gudstjänst som jag idag?

Josef Bengtson sa...

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