lördag, december 03, 2011

Dagens dualism-diss

"There is a perennial temptation that haunts all thought, a temptation that is dangerous for most discourse, but terminal for theology, namely, to parse existence in terms of dualisms: transcendence/immanence; natural/supernatural; sacred/profane; philosophy/theology, and so on."
"In the West, we are used to the sophomore question “do you believe in God?” but such a question is no longer tenable. Why not? Quite simply, the idea of nature, the idea of the purely natural is a fiction,  ..." [...] "We cannot ask if people believe in God, nor if this or that experience is divine or religious, thus presuming there can be an experience that is not divine, just as we have presumed in asking the question about belief in God, that people make sense outside God, and moreover, and even more tellingly, that language makes sense outside theology. Let me spoil the ending, it does not."
Connor Cunningham - Natura pura, the Invention of the Anti-Christ: A Week With No Sabbath

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