lördag, december 31, 2011

John wants to win, I just want to survive!

I ett fantastiskt samtal mellan John Milbank och Stanley Hauerwas, lett av Luke Bretherton,  tydliggörs centrala skillnader mellan Hauerwas och Milbanks teologi. I utdraget nedan ber Bretherton dem redogöra för hur de uppfattar varandras metod och tillvägagångssätt:

SH: I try to avoid the language of declension exactly because I think the church always finds itself in tension with the world. And so, it is not like we ever got it right. I use broad historical analysis to help me give a diagnosis of the world in which I now have to negotiate being a Christian, but I don´t want to take it over. John wants to take it over!

LB: Do you want to respond there, John? 

JM: Oh no. I definitely want to win, no question. It is absolutely right. There´s nothing wrong with winning. Just because Christianity is about peace, charity and humility, and so on doesn´t mean we don´t want to win. But precisely because we want those virtues to win we want them to prevail and to transform the world. That´s just the program of salvation as far as I am concerned. The church has suffered to long from a sort of false consciousness that turns loosing and the apparent inevitability of loosing into a kind of kenotic following of Jesus. It is not, it is a lie!

SH: I didn´t say I wanted to loose, I wanted to survive!

Samtalet i sin helhet återfinns här: "Theological Reflections on Being a Theologian and the Task of Theology". 


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Fredrik Wenell sa...

Det är ju faktiskt helt lysande. Klargör på ett väldigt enkelt sätt skillnaden.