lördag, mars 17, 2012

The dilemma of ultra-Darwinism

"A number of ultra-Darwinists have argued that teaching religion to children is a form of abuse (one thinks of both Dawkins and Dennett here), because religion is, for them, an illusion. But ethics is also an illusion for them, as is free will. What, then, do we tell our children? How do we accurately describe to them the world in which we they live - according to ultra-Darwinistsm? Surely, to be good enlightened parents, we must tell our children that there are no such things as ethics, and there is no real reason (ultra-Darwinian reason). Why should they be allowed to eat the chicken but not the dog? Indeed, why should the dog not be allowed to eat them? Should weteach our children that there are no such thing as free will, that mind is reducible to matter, that there is no such thing as rationality, that we do not love them, and, lastly, that they do not really exist? As Lennon might have sung it: imagine there are no pelple, ethics, love, humans, or rationality - it´s easy if you try."

Conor Cunningham. Darwin´s Pious Idea - Why the Ultra-Darwinists and the Creationists Both Get It Wrong. Eerdmans, 2010. s. 238

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