måndag, maj 11, 2009

Intervju med Kevin Vanhoozer

Kevin Vanhoozer intervjuas med anledning av hans flytt till Wheaton, och talar bland annat om teologins balansgång mellan kulturell relevans och isolering:

Några highlights:
"I have a pet theory: every significant intellectual and cultural trend eventually shows up in the way people read the Bible."

"The most important thing is to be aware that culture is always, already there--something in which we live and move and have our historical being--and that it is always actively cultivating, always forming habits of the heart and habits of perception."

"My concern is that many Evangelicals are suffering from malnourished imaginations. This impedes their ability to live coherently in the world--that is, according to a meaningful metanarrative. We want to believe the Bible, but we are unable to see our world in biblical terms (...) That leads to a fatal disconnect between our belief-system and our behavior, our faith and our life."

"Hermeneutics is a subset of ethics because interpretation aims at a certain kind of good, namely, understanding. In my book I argue for the importance of what I call the interpretative virtues: habits of mind that are more conducive than not to getting understanding. In particular, humility is a key interpretive virtue without which readers cannot do justice to authors as "others.""

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