söndag, september 20, 2009


  • Den som surfar runt på jakt efter intressanta mp3-föreläsningar att fylla podden med kommer sannolikt att uppskatta detta lilla bibliotek.
  • The Immanent Frame gör en grymt intressant intervju med Terry Eagleton:
    "The scandal of the New Testament—the fact that it backs what America calls the losers, that it thinks the dispossessed will inherit the kingdom of God before the respectable bourgeois—all of that has been replaced, particularly in the States, by an idolatrous version. I’m presently at a university campus where we proudly proclaim the slogan “God, Country, and Notre Dame.” I think they have to be told, and indeed I have told them, that God actually takes little interest in countries. Yahweh is presented in the Jewish Bible as stateless and nationless. He can’t be used as a totem or fetish in that way."
  • Zizek på norska om ideologi och tolerans:
    "Problemet er at ideologi i dag framstår som ikke-ideologi. Det alt handler om, er å avdekke ideologien vi alle tilhører, og som vi alle er del av og underbygger med våre handlinger, uttalte han."
  • ... och till sist ett Graham Ward-citat på samma tema:
    "The politics of Christian discipleship is about first unmasking the theolgical and metaphysical sources of current mythologies and revealing the distortions and perversions of their current secularized forms. Then we need to reread and rewrite the Christian tradition back into contemporary culture."
    - Ur Politics of Discipleship. s.165

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Jag gillar den här: http://www.cms-uk.org/tabid/151/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/1000/Theology-in-Black-and-White.aspx