måndag, september 14, 2009

Graham Ward om sociologi och religion

" ... although 82 percent of humankind espouses religious convictions, anthropology and psychology, following in the wake of Enlightenment sociology, can view such people only as immature, primitive, irrational, neurotic, or insecure.

For these social sciences, religion can be understood only negatively in terms of human progress toward some flatline of secularization - some enlightenment utopia in which all human beings are mature, civilized, rational, psychologically stable, and emotionally secure and recognize that their need for religion is a pathological or existential condition.

The assumption is that such sociologists, anthropologists and psychologists themselves are free from such immaturities, irrationalities, and emotional instabilities."

Graham Ward. The Politics of Discipleship. s.122

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Anonym sa...

Har du redan hunnit läsa TPOD? Inte illa. Själv väntar jag på att den ska dimpa ner i brevlådan...

Josef Bengtson sa...

Nja ... jag har bara hunnit till sidan 122. :)Men jag kan redan rekommendera den å det varmaste!