torsdag, april 29, 2010

Zizek om vulkanens effekter

Vi lever i en tid när när vi både har makt över naturen, och samtidigt är mer utelämnade till den än någonsin, skriver Slavoj Zizek i en färsk artikel med anledning av vulkanutbrottets konsekvenser:
Our growing freedom from and control over nature - indeed our survival - rely on a series of stable natural parameters that we tend to take for granted: in temperature, for example, the composition of the air, water and energy supply, and so on. We can "do what we want" only so long as we remain marginal enough. The limits to our freedom become palpable with ecological disturbances, as our ability to transform nature destabilises the basic geological conditions of life on earth.


There is, however, something deceptively reassuring in this readiness to assume responsibility for the threats to our environment. We like to feel guilty because that suggests everything depends on us - if we pull the strings of the catastrophe, then we can save ourselves simply by changing our lives. The ongoing volcanic outburst is a reminder that our ecological troubles cannot be reduced to our hubris, to our disturbing the balanced order of earth.

Tänk om allt inte är upp till oss ...

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