onsdag, augusti 04, 2010

"I love humanity, it's people I can´t stand"

Nathan R. Kerr, mannen bakom 'Christ, History and Apocalyptic: the politics of Christian mission, intervjuas i ABC Radio om kyrkan och dess framtid.

Ett utdrag:
"It is a very popular thing in American culture today, and around the world too, to speak about things like social justice. For the church to begin to think of itself one way to adapt to its crumbling institutionalism is to start thinking in universal terms, like human rights and social justice and these sort of things. And what we tend to do is that we treat humanity as a universal whole; as a general thing without a face, so we do what is best for the most. But what is striking with the life of Jesus Christ is the way He loves always, in what I call a singular way. He always love That One. That person that is right there in front of Him. The way that you love all of humanity is by loving in such a way that you recognize the particularity."
"We want to see a better humanity, but we like to do it without really have to engage people"

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Kalle sa...

Det verkar vara ett intressant samtal, jag skall lyssna på den när jag får tid över.

Appropå kyrkans framtid, i alla fall den amerikanska protestantiska kyrkornas framtid har Stanley Hauerwas skrivit bra, vilket jag även har kommenterat lite kort på min blogg.