fredag, november 12, 2010

Om svårigheterna med att vara radikal

"It is this lack of stable identities which for some cultural theory today is the last word in radicalism. Instability of identity is ´subversive´ - a claim which it would be interesting to test out among the socially dumped and disregarded.

In this social order, then, you can no longer have bohemian rebels or revolutionary avant-gardes because they no longer have anything to blow up. Their top-hatted, frock-coated, easily outraged enemy has evaporated. Instead, the non-normative has become norm. Nowadays, it is not just anarchists for whom anything goes, but starlets, newspaper editors, stockbrokers and corporation executives. The norm now is money; but since money has absolutely no principles or identity of its own, it is no kind of norm at all. It is utterly promiscuous, and will happily tag along with the highest bidder."

Terry Eagleton. After Theory. London: Penguin books, 2003. s. 16-17

Ovanstående stycke har viss förklaringspotential, både för varför socialdemokraterna gjorde ett katastrofval, och till varför teologi på sikt kommer ersätta kritisk teori som resurs för att stå emot kapitalismen.

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