onsdag, november 10, 2010

Blandad påse ...

Zizek om det offentliga förnuftet:
"This is why one should resist the temptation to react to the ongoing financial crisis, especially in Europe, with a retreat to protectionism, localism and the supposed safety of sovereign nation-states, which themselves are easy prey for freely-floating international capital. More than ever, the reply to every such financial crisis should be that we need to be even more internationalist and universalist than the illusory universality of global capital. Indeed, the idea of resisting global capital by retreating to the protection of particular ethnic identities is more suicidal than ever."

-Ben Myerer om det protestantiska leendet

"In the Protestant West today, smiling has become a moral imperative. The smile is regarded as the objective externalisation of a well ordered life. Sadness is moral failure."

- Ny intressant bok om teologi och ekonomi av Rowan Williams och Larry Elliot: Crisis and Recovery: Ethics, Economics and Justice

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