lördag, oktober 30, 2010

Olika berättelser ger olika liv

Stanley: I think often times the liberal white support of civil rights has forgotten that the under class white (who often times is racist) has suffered oppression that is certainly different from what African-Americans have suffered. And whose going to get into comparing victimization. But I certainly think that class matters are often times ignores when you start talking about sexism and racism and they often forget that the most voiceless person in our society is the low class white male.

(23:00) Could you say a little bit more about that? Because people are going to say, I disagree with that, because that's not conventional wisdom at all.

Stanley: What it means for them to be voiceless is that they don't have a story that can make their lives intelligible. The only stories around are those that say "you must be lazy because you didn't get ahead." I think that's an extraordinarily destructive story. I come from working class, which is not lower class whites in America. Though many of the brick layers that I worked with were lower class whites who basically live in a hopeless world. So what you do is drink, screw and die.

Transkriberad från Jesus Radicals intervju med Stanley Hauerwas

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