tisdag, juni 15, 2010

Jesus is my coach

I en kommentar kring en nyutkommen bok om kristen tro och sport, skriver James K.A Smith klokt om evangelikalismens avsaknad av en sammanhållande ecklesiologi:
... sport is just one more sphere of culture where evangelicals have merely created a “Jesufied” version of the status quo. See esp. “sports evangelism.” But why does this happen? Whence our assimilation? (...) The problem, I’m afraid, might be evangelicalism per se. As I see it, the issue is the reductionistic, non-holistic understanding of salvation that is at the core of evangelical piety. If salvation is basically and ultimately about Jesus & me—about “my own personal relationship with Jesus”—then salvation is a kind of private commodity which (a) doesn’t really touch other spheres of life and practice and therefore (b) can also be accommodated to any other practice (Ultimate Fighting for Jesus!). In other words, this “Gospel” can instrumentalize all sorts of cultural practices without question as strategies to press for individual, private salvation. (...) In sum, what I think evangelicalism lacks is precisely an ecclesiology, a robust understanding of the church as that community, that “nation,” that is called to embody a way of life and instantiate a vision of flourishing that runs counter to the disordered kingdoms of this world (and surely contemporary sport is one of those kingdoms).
På frågan om sporten skall läsas in i evangeliet eller evangeliet skall läsas in i sporten, finns det dock olika svar. Där Smith propagerar för det första alternativet förmodar jag att upphovsmännen bakom sportbibeln och fotbollskyrkan verkar för det senare.

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