tisdag, juni 22, 2010

Om politisk teologi

Jag hittade en intressant radiodokumentär om politisk teologi, väl värd en genomlyssning!


"I think the hardest and most urgent task of political theology today is to recover that common civic space, to recover something like civil society, which we as societies have abandoned to the ravages of capitalism. I think the first task of political theology has got to be to critique, to challenge at its very deepest level what we presume that it means to be human today."

- Scott Stephens

"All politics are theological in the sense that they marshal large transcendent visions of human origins and human destiny." (...) In a sense I want to argue that all theology is political theology, that it all has implications, but the term itself goes back to Carl Schmitt in the 1920's, it may go back beyond that but if it does I am not aware, but it goes back to Carl Schmitt in the 1920's who argued that all forms of modern theories of the state are secularised theological concepts. For him political theology just meant that, that what you have in the study of modern political concepts are really kind of theological concepts in disguise."

- William Cavanaugh

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På tal om ingenting; vad tycker du om http://ntwrong.wordpress.com/2008/05/13/biblical-scholars-who-break-into-the-lucrative-children%E2%80%99s-book-market-part-2-n-t-wright/ ?


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