fredag, oktober 29, 2010

Hart om den övernaturliga naturen

Missa för allt i världen inte David B. Harts vackra text i First Things.
A person who believes in fairies or in Thor may or may not be mistaken about certain finite objects within the cosmos; a person who believes in God may or may not be mistaken about being, the nature of existence itself, the logical possibility of any world, the moral meaning of the universe, and so on. The former kind of belief concerns facts of experience, the latter truths of reason, and to suggest that they occupy the same conceptual or existential space is either to confess one’s own stupidity or willfully to engage in cheap rhetorical thuggery.

That though, as I say, is obvious. My reason for taking exception to such remarks is perhaps somewhat more precious, but still quite sincere. Simply enough, what if there are fairies at the bottom of one’s garden? Or, more precisely, what the hell is so irrational in believing there are or might be?
... som @joelsh uttryckte det:
Och nästa gång nån bara: "Att tro på Gud är ju ungefär som att tro på féer & troll", svara: "Ja. Och?"

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