torsdag, april 26, 2012

John Gray om vetenskapstro

The belief that the political conflicts of the day can be resolved by applying evolutionary psychology is no more wellfounded than the claims of earlier versions of scientism that invoked phrenology or dialectical materialism. No doubt human knowledge has increased since the days when those pseudo-sciences were in the ascendant. Certainly we know a good deal more about human origins, and about the workings of the human brain, than we did then. But we are no better equipped to deal with moral and political conflict. Intellectually, we may be less well prepared than previous generations, if only because we know less of our own history.

John Gray recenserar The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion
av Jonathan Haidt i The New Republic.

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Olov sa...

the new republic väl? ska bli spännande oavsett, de har gett os en del såna där neuro-aktiga artiklar att läsa på den här kursen, och jag tror att Gray kan sätta ord på en del av olusten jag känner där.


Josef Bengtson sa...

Ahh ... my bad! Tack TNR it is!