tisdag, april 10, 2012

Kurt Wallander och Hegel

Upptäckte just att Zizek, i sitt kommande mastodontverk om Hegel, använder sig av Kurt Wallanders målande far för att illustrera skilnaden mellan Hegels och Deleuzes syn på "difference":
In Henning Mankel´s police procedural series, Inspector Kurt Wallander has a father whose means of survival is painting - he paints all the time, making hundreds of copies of the same painting, a forest landscape over which the sun never sets (therein resides the "message" of the painting: it is possible to hold the sun captive, to prevent it from setting, to freeze a magical moment, extracting its pure appearance from nature´s eternal circular movement of generation and degeneration). There is, however, a "minimal difference" in these otherwise identical paintings: in some, there is a small grouse in the landscape, while others are without the grouse, as if eternity itself, frozen time, has to be sustained by a minimal variation, a kind of stand-in for what really distinguishes each painting, it´s unique, purely virtual intensity.
Deleuze´s most radical anti-Hgelian argument concerns this pure difference: Hegel is unable to think pure difference which is outside the horizon of identity or contradiction; Hegel conceives a radicalized difference as contradiction which is then, through its dialectical resolution, again subsumed under identity. 
Slavoj Zizek - Less Than Nothing
Få saker skulle just nu roa (eller oroa) mig mer än en redogörelse för vad Zizek konsumerar i form av text och film under en genomsnittlig vecka.
Uppdatering: Tydligen är det inte första gången Zizek refererar till Henning Mankells skrivande. Om detta har @Ludviger bloggat här!

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