torsdag, april 19, 2012

Rasmusson om vetenskap som ersatz religion

Christian theology may thus contribute to the desacralisation of Science, critiquing the myth of Science for the sake of both society and of the sciences themselves. As Conor Cunningham remarks, “Scientism is a massive intellectual pathology” that is destructive for a society’s moral and political thinking and practice as well as for the immensely important work of ordinary science. It is not only a matter of Lakoff and Pinker failing to deliver what they promise; for theologians, the problematic nature of their work demonstrates the need for theological critique of the uses of science and for more fruitful, albeit humble, uses of scientific work in moral and political discourse.
Arne Rasmusson, nytillträdd professor i Tro- och livsåskådningsvetenskap vid Göteborgs Universitet (dessförinnan Umeå),  skriver i senaste numret av Modern Theology om bland andra Steven Pinkers vetenskapstro och vikten av en teologisk kritik av en naiv vetenskapssyn.

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