söndag, april 15, 2012

Zizek om The Master-Signifier

"Suffice it to recall how a community functions: the Master-Signifier which guarantees the community's consistency is a signifier whose signified is an enigma for the members themselves - nobody really knows what it means, but each of them somehow presupposes that others know, that it has to mean 'the real thing', so they use it all the time.... This logic is at work not only in politico-ideological links (with different terms for the cosa nostra: our nation, revolution ...), but even in some Lacanian communities where the group recognizes itself through common use of some jargonized expressions whose meaning is not clear to anyone, be it 'symbolic castration' or 'divided subject' - everyone refers to them, and what binds the group together is ultimately their very shared ignorance." 
Slavoj Zizek. The Fragile Absolute. Verso, 2000. s. 114

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