fredag, april 13, 2012

Milbank om den västerländska teologins dragning åt öst

"By nature we are orientated to the beatific vision, to the receiving of grace even though we can´t demand something that has to be a gift, so you reach the paradox that we can only reach our natural end if we receive something beyond our nature as gift. We can only be ourselves if we receive something that doesn't belong to us. It seems to me that is the paradox that lies at the very heart of Christianity and goes along with the fact that first of all nature is a gift, it´s creation. It goes along with the fact the the only fully human being who ever lived was a divine person in two natures. It  goes along with a strongly seraline, and in no way Nestorian, Christology." - John Milbank

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Han verkar kunna sin de Lubac, den gode Milbank.../Peter

Josef Bengtson sa...

Som ett rinnande vatten! Tråkigt att det inte finns så värst många fler ljud- och videoklipp med honom ... som jag vet om. Tipsa gärna!