söndag, maj 16, 2010

Bentley Hart om frihet och det goda livet

David Bentley Hart är en framstående ortodox teolog, filosof och samhällsdebattör som bland annat uppmärksammats för sin bok Atheist Delusions. Den som är nyfiken på Bentley Hart bör kolla in dessa korta videointervjuer!

I ett av dessa klipp talar han belysande om två konkurrerande föreställningar om frihet och det goda livet:

Ethics and the good life from CPX on Vimeo.

"(Modern notions of freedom) defines freedom not in the classical sense as the power of a being to realize its nature by growing into greater conformity with the good as such. We don’t assume we have a nature, we don’t assume the good as such is anything other than a cultural construction. Rather freedom consists in the unrestrained spontaneous power of the self to construct for itself the ends it desires. And then to pursuit them with as little interference as possible to the greatest extent of its power. If that is true, if we are working with that model of freedom, the pretense that there is some obviously self-evident system of ethics out there that all rational people will agree on because it is good for us is absurd."

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