tisdag, januari 12, 2010

Muhammedkarikatyrerna i perspektiv

Via Religion Dispatches hittade jag boken "Is Critique Secular? Blasphemy, Injury, and Free Speech" av Talal Asad, Wendy Brown, Judith Butler, and Saba Mahmood.

En hyfsad line-up om ett hyfsat aktuellt ämne. Det vill säga vad Muhammed-karikatyrerna kan lära oss om gränsdragningarna mellan religion och det sekulära ...
Ur ett sammandrag:

"The incident was portrayed as a clash between the liberal values of an open society and an anti-modern, authoritarian, and superstitious religion. In their essays, Asad and Mahmood convincingly argue that this narrative largely misses the point in almost every respect. It misunderstands Islam; it misunderstands the liberal political order; and it misunderstands the complex common genealogy of Christianity and secularism."
"The failures of modern secular law and politics affect everyone. The divisions within the modern world between religious and secular are not natural ones. They have a complex history. Only by going back and taking seriously some of the turns that history has taken will we understand why religion has become such a contentious topic today."

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